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RULE 211

(a) Time to Serve and File.  Within twenty (20) days after the service of the Record on Appeal, each party shall serve a copy of his final brief(s) on every other party to the appeal, and file fifteen (15) copies of the final brief(s) with the clerk of the appellate court.  As provided by Rule 267(d), one copy filed with the appellate court shall be filed unbound.  The party must also file with the clerk proof that the final brief(s) has been served, and a certificate that his final brief(s) complies with Rule 211(b).  The appellate court may require a party to file additional copies of its brief(s).

(b) Content.  The final brief(s) shall be identical to the brief(s) previously served under Rule 208, except for the following:

(1) References to the Record. The references in the initial brief shall be revised to indicate where the material appears in the Record on Appeal.  These revised references may be in place of or in addition to the initial references, and shall be in the form indicated by the following examples:  (R. p. 15, line 4) (R. p. 75, lines 8-20) (R. p. 90, line 1-p. 101, line 14) (R. pp. 29-31).

(2) Correction of Typographical Errors and Misspellings.  The party may correct obvious typographical errors and misspellings which were contained in the initial brief.  No other changes may be made.

Last amended by Order dated January 29, 2009, effective April 29, 2009, by Order of the same date.