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RULE 218

(a) Conduct of Argument. The appellant shall open and close the argument. Unless otherwise permitted by the court, counsel will not be permitted to read from books, briefs, records or authorities cited, although brief references therefrom may be read to illustrate points and argument.

(b) Failure to Appear. If any party fails to appear, the court will hear argument on behalf of the parties present. If no party appears, the case will be decided on the briefs unless the court shall otherwise order.

(c) Length of Argument. The length of time allotted for oral argument shall be determined by the court. The clerk shall notify all parties of the time allotted.

(d) Remote Oral Argument. With the permission of the Chief Justice, an appellate court may conduct oral argument in a case using remote communication technology. Further, any necessary oath or affirmation may be administered by remote communication technology. For the purpose of this provision, remote communication technology means technology such as video conferencing and teleconferencing which allows audio and/or video to be shared at different locations in real time.

Last amended by Order dated April 29, 2021.