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5. Signatures on E-Filed Documents

(a) Electronic Signatures.

(1)Pleadings, motions, and all other documents signed solely by attorneys who are Authorized E-Filers must be signed using an Electronic Signature and converted from a word processing format to PDF for E-Filing. A pleading, motion, or other document signed solely by an attorney who is an Authorized E-Filer may not be signed with the Authorized E-Filer's Traditional Signature and scanned to PDF.         

(2)The use of an Electronic Signature in the signature line of an E-Filed document shall constitute the Authorized E-Filer's Electronic Signature on all E-Filed documents in accordance with Rule 11, SCRCP. The Authorized E-Filer shall also provide other identifying information, including the name, physical address, telephone number, and email address of the E-Filer, along with the E-Filer's South Carolina Bar Number. For example:

s/John Doe
S.C. Bar No. 12345
Attorney for the Plaintiff
1234 Any Street
Columbia, SC 29201

(b) Documents Requiring Multiple Signatures. Where a document requires the signatures of more than one Authorized E-Filer, the document may be E-Filed by a single Authorized E-Filer. The Authorized E-Filer may insert the Electronic Signature(s) of the other Authorized E-Filer(s) if the E-Filer obtains written consent, which may be in the form of a letter, e-mail, or facsimile. The E-Filed document containing the Electronic Signature(s) shall affirmatively state that the E-Filer has obtained the required consent.

(c) Signatures of Persons Other than Authorized E-Filers. Only an attorney or party authorized by Rule 614, SCACR, may utilize an Electronic Signature on an E-Filed document. Documents containing the signature of persons who are not authorized to use an Electronic Signature under Rule 614, SCACR, including affidavits, other notarized documents, or certificates of service signed by paralegals or legal assistants, cannot be E-Filed with an Electronic Signature. Any document that requires a signature of a person who is not authorized to use an Electronic Signature must be signed with a Traditional Signature and E-Filed as a scanned PDF image.

Las amended by Order dated May 27, 2022.