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(a) The defendant may reply to the plaintiff's complaint by filing a written statement in a form approved by the magistrate or by personally appearing and making an oral statement. This reply shall be called an "answer." If the defendant personally appears within the specified time period and makes an oral answer, it shall be reduced to writing. The court or court personnel shall assist the defendant in reducing the answer to writing if the court determines assistance is required. The defendant's answer may deny in total or in part any or all of the material allegations made in the plaintiff's complaint, and/or allege any new matter constituting a defense. The court shall deliver a copy of the answer to the plaintiff in a manner provided for in Rule 8.

(b) A defendant shall file an answer and any appropriate counterclaims with the court within thirty (30) days from the first day after the date of service. When service is by some other means, as provided for in Rule 6, the defendant shall file the answer and any appropriate counterclaims with the court within the time period designated by the statute, rule, or order, and the time period shall be stated in the summons.