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"Amendment" means making a change in a complaint, answer, or counterclaim.

"Answer" means the paper filed by the party responding to the complaint.

"Complaint" means the paper containing the claim filed by the plaintiff.

"Counterclaim" means the paper containing a claim by a defendant against a plaintiff.

"Court" means the judge of the magistrates court.

"Default" means failure to respond to the complaint or failure to appear at trial.

"Defendant" means the party against whom the plaintiff has filed a complaint.

"Execution" means enforcement of the judgment.

"Judgment" means the decision of the court on the case.

"Party" means either a plaintiff or a defendant.

"Plaintiff" means the party filing the complaint.

"Subpoena" means an order of the court requiring a witness to attend and testify at a specified place and time.

"Summons" means the paper issued by the court which orders the defendant to respond to the complaint.

"Working day" means a day which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday under state or federal law.