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RULE 212

(a) By the Court. The appellate court may require copies of all or any part of the transcript of proceedings or other matter which was before the lower court or administrative tribunal to be sent up for its inspection and consideration. It may likewise require a report of the trial or hearing, or of any matter relative thereto, to be made by the trial judge or administrative tribunal. These matters shall become part of the Record on Appeal.

(b) By a Party. With the written consent of all attorneys of record, a party may supplement the Record on Appeal at any time before argument commences. Without such consent or after argument commences, a party desiring to supplement the Record on Appeal must move the appellate court for leave to do so. In response to that motion, the other party(s) shall designate any supplemental materials which that party desires to add if the Court grants the motion.

(c) Appendix. Supplemental materials filed under Rule 212(b) shall be included in an Appendix to the Record on Appeal. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties or ordered by the Court, the Appendix shall be compiled, served and filed by the party initially proposing it. Whenever a paper copy of the Appendix to the Record on Appeal is served on another party, the Appendix shall be bound as provided by Rule 267(d), unless this requirement is waived by the receiving party.

Last amended by Order dated April 30, 2024.