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RULE 220

(a) Opinions.  The appellate court shall make its decisions in writing by published opinions or memorandum opinions, with any concurring or dissenting opinions attached.  Published opinions shall appear in the Official Reports of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals;  memorandum opinions shall not be published in the official reports and shall be of no precedential value.  Published opinions shall be sent to the official reporter and other reporters or publishers when the time for rehearing has expired or, if a petition for rehearing has been filed, when the petition has been finally decided by the appellate court.  The court may affirm, reverse, or modify the decision below or remand all or any issues for further proceedings.

(b) Decision by the Court.  In every decision rendered by an appellate court, every point distinctly stated in the case which is necessary to the decision of the appeal and fairly arising upon the record of the court must be stated in writing and must, with the reason for the court's decision, be preserved in the record of the case.  This rule does not apply to the following:

(1) The Supreme Court may file a memorandum opinion dismissing an appeal, affirming or reversing the judgment appealed from, or granting other appropriate relief when, in unanimous decision, the Supreme Court determines that a published opinion would have no precedential value and any one or more of the following circumstances exists and is dispositive of issues submitted to the Court for decision:  (A) that a judgment of the trial court is based on findings of fact which are or are not clearly erroneous;  (B) that the evidence to support a jury verdict is or is not insufficient;  (C) that the order of an administrative agency is or is not supported by such quantum of evidence as prescribed by the statute or law under which judicial review is permitted;  or (D) that no error of law appears.

(2) The Court of Appeals need not address a point which is manifestly without merit.

(c) Affirmance on Any Ground Appearing in Record.  The appellate court may affirm any ruling, order, decision or judgment upon any ground(s) appearing in the Record on Appeal.

Last amended by Order dated May 3, 2007.