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RULE 246

(a) Stays Pending Appeal. The service of a notice of appeal by a criminal defendant shall operate as a stay of the execution of the sentence until the appeal is finally disposed of; provided, however, a sentence of confinement shall not be stayed until the defendant has posted bail under S.C. Code Ann. 18-1-80 and -90 (1985). Where the sentence exceeds imprisonment for ten (10) years, the defendant may only be admitted to bail by an appellate court. Where the State has taken an appeal, the appeal shall automatically operate as a stay of further proceedings in the lower court.

(b) Stays of Sentences After Affirmance. No stay of any sentence in a criminal case which has been affirmed by the judgment of an appellate court shall be granted, except by order of an appellate court, or a judge or justice thereof, upon motion pursuant to Rule 240.

Amended by Order dated January 29, 2009, effective April 29, 2009, by Order of the same date.