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(a) Transmittal to Clerk. Magistrates, municipal judges, and other officials authorized to issue warrants shall, in all cases within the jurisdiction of the Court of General Sessions, forward to the Clerk of the Court of General Sessions all documents pertaining to the case including, but not limited to, the arrest warrant and bond, within fifteen (15) days from the date of arrest in the case of an arrest warrant and date of issuance in the case of other documents. If it is determined that the defendant is already in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Corrections or a detention center or jail in South Carolina, the judge shall annotate the warrant to reflect that a copy has been mailed to the defendant, mail a copy of the annotated warrant to the defendant, and immediately forward the annotated warrant and any allied documents to the clerk of the court of general sessions. Transmittal shall be pursuant to procedures now or hereafter promulgated by the Office of South Carolina Court Administration.

(b) Transmittal to Solicitor. The Clerk of the Court of General Sessions shall forward a copy of any arrest warrant received pursuant to paragraph (a) above to the solicitor within two (2) business days from date of receipt from the issuing official.

(c) Action on Warrant. Within ninety (90) days after receipt of an arrest warrant from the Clerk of Court, the solicitor shall take action on the warrant by (1) preparing an indictment for presentment to the grand jury, which indictment shall be filed with the Clerk of Court, assigned a criminal case number, and presented to the Grand Jury; (2) formally dismissing the warrant, noting on the face of the warrant the action taken; or (3) making other affirmative disposition in writing and filing such action with the Clerk of Court.

(d) Extensions of Time. The solicitor may petition the circuit court for an order delaying action on the warrant, as set forth above, for successive ninety (90) day periods if the circuit court specifically finds good cause for such delay for each successive ninety day period.

(e) Record of Proceedings. Any action taken pursuant to paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) above shall be entered in the records of the Clerk of Court pursuant to procedures now or hereafter promulgated by the Office of South Carolina Court Administration.


          Rule 3 is the language of Criminal Practice Rule 6.

Amended by Order dated April 29, 2021.