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(a) Notification to Complainant. Disciplinary counsel shall provide written acknowledgment of every complaint, if the complainant is known, and notify the complainant in writing of the final disposition of a proceeding under these rules. Notification in writing shall be mailed within 20 days of the decision disposing of the proceeding.

(b) Limited Right to Review. Although entitled to notice, a complainant is not a party to the proceeding. However, upon notice of a dismissal by disciplinary counsel pursuant to Rule 19(d)(1), a complainant may seek review by the investigative panel. Disciplinary counsel shall inform the complainant of the following review process in the notice of dismissal. The complainant may seek review by submitting a request to the disciplinary counsel in writing within 30 days of the date of the notice of dismissal. Upon receipt of the request for review, disciplinary counsel shall provide the lawyer with a copy of the request. The lawyer may submit a written response within 15 days. Disciplinary counsel shall submit the complainant’s request and the lawyer’s response, if any, for consideration at the next meeting of the investigative panel. Notification in writing shall be mailed to the complainant and the lawyer within 20 days of the investigative panel’s decision. The complainant is not entitled to appeal or otherwise seek review of a dismissal or referral by disciplinary counsel pursuant to Rule 19(a) or of any decision, action, or disposition by the investigative panel, the hearing panel, the Commission chair or vice-chair, or the Supreme Court.

Amended by Order dated October 16, 2009, effective January 1, 2010.