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When appropriate, a hearing panel of three (3) members shall be appointed by the circuit chair from the circuit panel in the judicial circuit where the principal place of practice of the attorney is located. A hearing panel should be appointed within ten (10) days of the date a written request for a hearing panel is filed with the circuit chair. The procedure for appointing hearing panel members shall be established by the Executive Council. One (1) member of the hearing panel shall be designated by the circuit chair as chair of the hearing panel. Upon appointment of the hearing panel, the parties to the proceeding shall be notified in writing by the circuit chair of the appointment of the hearing panel, giving the names and addresses of the members, including the identity of the chair, and further informing the parties involved that the hearing panel will resolve the dispute. Each party may proceed without counsel or be represented by counsel of the party's choosing and at the party's own expense.

Last Amended by Order dated November 2, 2022.