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From among the appointed Board members, the President shall appoint an Executive Council comprised of the following: One Executive Council member from each of the four Judicial Regions of the state and one at large member. The President shall designate the chair of the Executive Council.

The Executive Council shall have the authority to interpret these Rules. The duties of the Executive Council will be to oversee and assist the functioning of the Board in the respective circuits of the state and to make recommendations to the Board of Governors as to procedures to be followed and rules to be amended.

Executive Council members should be experienced in the practice of law with no fewer than seven (7) years active practice.

The terms of the Executive Council shall be for three (3) years. The expiration of a term will coincide with the date of expiration of the term of the incumbent President in the same year. Should the term of an Executive Council member on the Board expire and the member not be reappointed to the Board, the member's term on the Executive Council shall expire at the same time the member's term on the Board expires. In that event, the President shall appoint a replacement member to the Executive Council for the unexpired term. A member of the Executive Council may be reappointed.

The Executive Council shall meet at such times and places as may be called by the chair or by any four members thereof.

Last amended by Order dated August 7, 2015.