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6. Signing and Entry of Court Orders and Judgments

(a)     Signing of Orders. Orders shall be electronically filed by the court or court personnel. Judges or court personnel authorized to sign orders should utilize an electronic signature page for the electronic signing of all orders, including any form orders. Where electronically signed by a judge, the signature on the electronic signature page shall include the individual judge's code assigned by Court Administration and the s/typed name of the judge as an electronic signature. Electronically signed and filed court orders and judgments shall have the same force and effect as if the judge had affixed a written signature to a paper copy of the order. Orders may also be signed by judges using a Traditional Signature, rather than an electronic signature, if signed during a hearing or as required by the circumstances.

(b)     Entry of Order. All court orders or judgments where one or more parties are proceeding in the E-Filing System will be entered electronically. Electronic entry constitutes entry of the order or judgment in accordance with Rules 58 and 77, SCRCP.

(c)      Transmission of Notice of Court Orders or Judgments. Immediately upon the electronic entry of an order or judgment, the E-Filing System will transmit an NEF to all Authorized E-Filers in the case. Transmission of the NEF constitutes the notice required under Rule 77(d), SCRCP, for all parties who are proceeding in the E-Filing System. Parties who are not proceeding in the E-Filing System must be served by Traditional Service as required under Rule 77(d), SCRCP.

(d)     Receipt of Written Notice of Entry of Order or Judgment. An Authorized E-Filer has receipt of written notice of the entry of a judgment or the filing of an order upon receipt of the emailed NEF. It shall be the responsibility of an Authorized E-Filer to review the content of the E-Filed order to determine its force and effect; however, any delay in accessing the E-Filing System to review the order does not affect the time of receipt.

Amended by Order dated January 25, 2016.