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RULE 612

By order, the Supreme Court of South Carolina may provide for the use of remote communication technology by the courts of this State to conduct proceedings, including, but not limited to trials, hearings, guilty pleas, discovery, grand jury proceedings, and mediation or arbitration under the South Carolina Court-Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules.1 For the purposes of this rule, remote communication technology means technology such as video conferencing and teleconferencing which allows audio and/or video to be shared at different locations in real time. The use of this technology for oral argument and hearings before the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the South Carolina Court of Appeals is governed by Rules 218 and 240, SCACR.

Adopted by Order dated April 29, 2021.

1 The use of this technology is currently controlled by RE: Use of Remote Communication Technology by the Trial Courts (As Amended September 21, 2021), which is available at