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7. Document Size and Formatting

(a) Conversion by the Filer. All papers and pleadings prepared by an E-Filer, other than proposed orders, must be converted to PDF utilizing PDF conversion software, and the converted document must be text-searchable. Any papers or documents that cannot be converted to PDF must be scanned to PDF by the E-Filer. The E-Filing System does not convert documents to PDF on behalf of the filer. More complete instructions concerning the conversion and scanning process are contained in the Filer Interface User Guide.

(b) Electronic Documents Conform to Current Rules. All E-Filed pleadings prepared by the parties shall conform to the requirements of Rule 10, SCRCP, and Rule 603, SCACR, to the extent practicable.

(c) Resolution of Attachments. Original documents filed as attachments must be scanned and E-Filed by the filer as a PDF document with the scanned image embedded at 300 dpi in black and white, unless color is required to maintain the integrity of the document or the evidence.

(d) Size. A single document included in a single submission cannot be larger than eight (8) Megabytes, and the size of all the documents included in a single submission cannot be larger than forty (40) Megabytes. When a single document is larger than eight (8) Megabytes, the document must be broken into smaller sized documents. The Filer Interface User Guide contains detailed instructions concerning the proper format for filings that are too large to file as a single document or single submission.