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8. Attachments and Exhibits

(a) Attachments to be Filed Electronically. Documents that are E-Filed as attachments to pleadings or as exhibits must be scanned to PDF for E-Filing unless the document may not be comprehensively viewed in an electronic format, the document is sealed or submitted for in camera review, or as otherwise ordered by the court.

(b) Filed Separately. Each attachment or exhibit to an E-Filed pleading must be E-Filed as a separate document within the same submission as the E-Filed pleading.

(c) Proposed Orders. Proposed orders must be prepared in Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx) format, unless the proposed order is a consent order signed by a person who is not authorized to use an Electronic Signature under Rule 614, SCACR, in which case the signed proposed order should be scanned to PDF. Proposed orders should be submitted in one of two ways:

(1) Proposed orders prepared by a party upon a judge's instructions may not be E-Filed, but should instead be submitted by email to the requesting judge.

(2) Proposed orders prepared as part of a motion or as proposed consent orders should be E-Filed as attachments to the motion or other submitting document, such as a motion/order cover sheet.

(d) Bookmarks and Hyperlinks. E-Filed documents may contain bookmarks to locations within the same document. Hyperlinks to other documents or external sites are not permitted.

(e) Other Exhibits. Exhibits or other evidentiary items that cannot be filed electronically because the exhibit cannot be scanned and converted to PDF (i.e. large maps or plats, etc.) or because an original version must be filed may be Traditionally filed. Detailed instructions are contained within the Filer Interface User Guide.

Amended by Order dated May 27, 2022.