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E-Filing Attorney FAQs

Notifications and E-Service

1.  How will I know the clerk received my filing?

The South Carolina E-Filing system sends the filer a number of emails to indicate the status of an E-Filed document.  The filer can also access information in the Filer Interface on the My Filings page and by reviewing Notifications from the Filer Home Page.

2.  Am I notified when the clerk recieves, accepts, or rejects my filing?

Yes. Your account can be configured to receive emails when a document is filed, approved and/or rejected. 

3.  Will I be notified when the Judge signs an Order?

No.  You will only be notified when the clerk enters the signed Order from the Judge.

4.  Do I still have to serve paper documents on parties?

Initiating documents for a new case, such as a summons and complaint, must always be served by traditional means.  When subsequent documents are E-Filed, a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) will be sent by email to all other E-Filers in the case, and the NEF will indicate which parties have been E-Served.  Any party listed as not being E-Served must be served using a traditional method of service.  See the video entitled E-Service for further guidance.

5.  How will I know the other parties to the case have been served?

The NEF will indicate which parties have been E-Served and which parties, if any, must be served by traditional means. You can also check the Service List prior to E-Filing a document.

6.  How long are NEFs kept in the E-Filing system?

NEFs are stored in the E-Filing system for 90 days.  Copies of NEFs are stored permanently in the Courts' Case Management System are are available for printing or download on the Public Index. It is recommended that you save copies of Notices of Electronic Filing for your case files.

7.  Can the E-Filing System send my e-mail notifications to more than one e-mail address?

The E-Filing System will e-mail notifications to the e-mail addresses you have defined in your AIS account. Currently, AIS will only support two e-mail addresses.

8.  Does the E-Filing System serve an NEF on pro se parties?

No, Pro Se parties are not E-Filers in the pilot program and must always be served using a traditional method of service.