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The South Carolina Judicial Department would like to express its sincere appreciation to the many contributors involved in the production and revision of the Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet.

This Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet was based on pro se packets developed by South Carolina Legal Services Corporation and the South Carolina Bar. Special thanks to Andrea Loney, Executive Director of South Carolina Legal Services Corporation, and her staff, Eddie Weinberg and Rita Roache, for their assistance with this project. Special thanks to Bob Wells, Executive Director of the South Carolina Bar, and his staff, Jill Rothstein and Angela McKeirnan, for their resources and commitment to this effort. In addition, the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Law Center at Parris Island, South Carolina provided invaluable advice and guidance, particularly in the development of the Defendant’s packet. Finally, Melissa F. Brown, Esq. and her staff provided helpful commentary in their review of the packet and thoughtful revisions to the forms.

The South Carolina Judicial Department would also like to thank the Access to Justice Commission for its devotion to issues involving self-representation. Robin F. Wheeler, Executive Director of the Access to Justice Commission, and Stephanie A. Nye, Counsel to the Chief Justice, were essential to the coordination of this effort and development of the packet.

The support and advice of the current members of the Family Court Advisory Committee was invaluable. These individuals include: The Honorable Robert S. Armstrong, The Honorable Wayne M. Creech, The Honorable James F. Fraley, Jr., The Honorable Dale Moore Gable, The Honorable Paul W. Garfinkel, The Honorable Lisa A. Kinon, The Honorable Arthur E. Morehead, III, The Honorable Donna S. Strom, and The Honorable Jeffrey W. Young.

This Self-Represented Litigant Simple Divorce Packet would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of staff members of Court Administration: Rosalyn W. Frierson, Director, Mary S. Schroeder, Deputy Director, Ellen M. Osborne, Assistant Director, Tiffany B. Raines, Staff Attorney, Cody Lidge, Family Court Representative, Adriane L. Radeker, Circuit Court Representative, and Sakoya R. Bryant, Court Representative, Statistical Data and Analysis.

Finally, the South Carolina Judicial Department would also like to recognize the many individuals from the Family Court Case Management Project who provided essential technical assistance as well as thoughtful revisions to the forms. These individuals include: John Starmack, Pat Ellis, Barbara Wasson, Kim Goss, Nancy Naumann, and John Webb.