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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - August 2003

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8-6-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-476 - Mastronardi v. SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

2003-UP-477 - Berry v. Logan

2003-UP-478 - DeBordieu Colony Community v. Wingate

8-7-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-479 - Poznick v. Poznick

2003-UP-480 - Smalls v. Fuji Photo Film

8-11-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-481 - Branch v. Island Sub-Division Water and Sewer Company

2003-UP-482 - American Amicable Life Insurance Company v. Bennett

8-20-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-483 - Lamar Advertising of Mobile, Inc v. Li'l Cricket

2003-UP-484 - State v. Dervin

2003-UP-485 - McCloud v. Food Lion, Inc

2003-UP-486 - State v. Bagley

2003-UP-487 - In the Matter of The Estate of William Balish

2003-UP-488 - Mellon Mortgage Company v. Sherrod

2003-UP-489 - Willis v. City of Aiken

2003-UP-490 - Town of Olanta v. Epps

2003-UP-491 - Springob v. Springob

2003-UP-492 - State v. In the Interest of Demetrick

8-26-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-493 - State v. Hyatt

2003-UP-494 - McGee v. Sovran Construction Company

2003-UP-495 - State v. Chestnut

2003-UP-496 - State v. Hamer

2003-UP-497 - State v. Johnson

2003-UP-498 - State v. Hilton

2003-UP-499 - State v. Kinder

2003-UP-500 - State v. Frazier

2003-UP-501 - In the Interest of Michael C.

2003-UP-502 - State v. Johnson

8-27-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-503 - Shell v. Richland County School District

2003-UP-504 - State v. Perea

2003-UP-505 - State v. Walker

2003-UP-506 - State v. Walker

2003-UP-507 - Patterson v. State

2003-UP-508 - State v. Portwood

2003-UP-509 - State v. Williams

2003-UP-510 - State v. Perry

2003-UP-511 - State v. Delbridge

2003-UP-512 - State v. Granstrom

2003-UP-513 - H & K Specialists v. Brannen

2003-UP-514 - In the Interest of Donald Charles M.

2003-UP-515 - State v. Glenn

2003-UP-516 - State v. Brown

2003-UP-517 - State v. Helms

2003-UP-518 - State v. Green

2003-UP-519 - State v. Belisle

2003-UP-520 - State v. Harris