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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - January 2004

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1-6-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-002 - State v. Dickerson

1-7-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-003 - State v. Simpson

1-8-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-004 - Bauer v. Bauer

1-14-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-005 - State v. Brown

2004-UP-006 - Hunt v. Warder

2004-UP-007 - Davis v. Gravley

2004-UP-008 - Hall v. Bell

2004-UP-009 - Lane v. Lane

2004-UP-010 - Munnerlyn v. Moody

2004-UP-011 - Baird Pacific West v. Blue Water Sunset Park, Inc

2004-UP-012 - Meredith v. Stoudemayer

1-15-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-013 - St Helena Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses v. Heirs of Major

2004-UP-014 - State v. Jefferson

2004-UP-015 - State v. Williams

2004-UP-016 - State v. Pope

2004-UP-017 - State v. Shackelford

2004-UP-018 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Whitcraft

2004-UP-019 - Real Estate Unlimited v. Rainbow Living Trust

2004-UP-020 - Simpkins v. Bennett

2004-UP-021 - State v. Taylor

2004-UP-022 - State v. Lail

2004-UP-023 - Kollyns v. State

2004-UP-024 - State v. Foster

1-16-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-025 - State v. Dooley

2004-UP-026 - State v. Ellisor

2004-UP-027 - State v. Harrison

2004-UP-028 - McDowell v. McDowell

2004-UP-029 - City of Myrtle Beach v. SC Department of Transportation

2004-UP-030 - Meehan v. Meehan

2004-UP-031 - Clark v. State

2004-UP-032 - State v. Brewer

1-20-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-033 - Wedgefield Plantation Accociation v. Chavis

2004-UP-034 - Woodson v. Golden

2004-UP-035 - SC Department of Social Services

2004-UP-036 - State v. Suber

2004-UP-037 - State v. Perez

2004-UP-038 - State v. Toney

1-21-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-039 - SPD Investment Company v. County of Charleston

2004-UP-040 - Spinner v. Adams

2004-UP-041 - State v. Turner

2004-UP-042 - State v. White

2004-UP-043 - State v. Ellison

2004-UP-044 - State v. Adkins

2004-UP-045 - State v. Atchison

2004-UP-046 - Graham v. Graham

2004-UP-047 - Matrix Capital Bank v. Brooks

2004-UP-048 - State v. Moorer

1-22-2004 - Opinions

2003-UP-694 - State v. Stokes

2004-UP-049 - Fried v. Fried

2004-UP-050 - Lindsey v. Spartan Roofing Company, Inc

2004-UP-051 - Frantzis v. Frantzis

2004-UP-052 - Miller v. Stark

2004-UP-053 - State v. Coe

2004-UP-054 - Canzater v. City of Columbia

1-28-2004 - Opinions

2003-UP-689 - Burrowa v. Poston's Auto Service

2004-UP-055 - Spartanburg County v. Lancaster

1-29-2004 - Opinions

2004-UP-056 - Greene v. Griffith

2004-UP-057 - Blalock v. City of Aiken

2004-UP-058 - Cummings v. Newby, Pridgen, and Sartip Attorneys at Law

2004-UP-059 - Burdette v. Turner

2004-UP-060 - Butler v. Stewart

2004-UP-061 - Hiller v. Paris Mountain Utilities

2004-UP-062 - Blake v. Logan