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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - February 2007

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2-7-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-051 - South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company v. South Carolina Bank and Trust

2007-UP-052 - State v. Frazier

2007-UP-053 - Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. v. Faw

2007-UP-054 - Galbreath-Jenkins v. Jenkins

2-8-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-055 - State v. Woods

2007-UP-056 - Tennant v. Beaufort County School District

2007-UP-057 - State v. Price

2007-UP-058 - State v. Mansell

2007-UP-059 - State v. Rhodes

2007-UP-060 - State v. Stokes

2-12-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-061 - J.H. Seale and Son v. Munn

2007-UP-062 - Citifinancial Mortgage v. Kennedy

2007-UP-063 - Bewersdorf v. SCDPS

2007-UP-064 - Amerson v. Ervin

2007-UP-065 - Brickyard Plantation Property Owners Association v. Araujo

2007-UP-066 - Computer Products v. JEM Restaurant Group

2007-UP-067 - SCDSS v. Janice M.

2007-UP-068 - State v. Upson

2007-UP-069 - State v. Upson

2007-UP-070 - State v. Upton

2007-UP-071 - State v. Robinson

2007-UP-072 - Watt v. Charlie Galloway’s Furniture Shop, Inc.

2007-UP-073 - In the Matter of Floyd B. Walker, Sr.

2007-UP-074 - State v. Smalls

2007-UP-075 - State v. Trent

2-13-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-076 - State v. Gallagher

2007-UP-077 - State v. Crowe

2007-UP-078 - State v. Auls

2007-UP-079 - State v. Graddick

2-14-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-080 - State v. Hendon

2-15-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-081 - Schneider v. Board of Directors for Bohicket Marina Village

2007-UP-082 - Sochko v. Sochko

2007-UP-083 - Rapid Industries v. Wingate

2007-UP-084 - Sovereign Group v. Surfmaster Owners Association

2007-UP-085 - State v. Robinson

2007-UP-086 - State v. Woody

2007-UP-087 - Featherston v. Staarman

2-23-2007 - Opinions

2007-UP-088 - McMillan v. BCG Properties

2007-UP-089 - Mattox v. Mattox

2007-UP-090 - Pappas v. Ollie’s Seafood Grille & Bar

2007-UP-091 - Sundown Operating Company v. Intedge Industries

2007-UP-092 - Mary Black Health System v. Watterson

2007-UP-093 - Walsh v. Walsh

2007-UP-094 - SCDSS v. Joseph T.

2007-UP-095 - Whitlock v. Whitlock

2007-UP-096 - Brighton Woods Homeowner’s Association v. Four Seventeen

2007-UP-097 - Charleston County Department of Social Services v. Mother

2007-UP-098 - Dickey v. Clarke Nursing Home

2007-UP-099 - State v. Haithcock

2007-UP-100 - Dutch Fork Development Group v. SEL Properties