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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2009

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12-2-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-565 - The State v. William Thompkins

2009-UP-566 - The State v. Brandon Staley

2009-UP-567 - The State v. Lavaras Shell

2009-UP-568 - The State v. Anthony Williams

2009-UP-569 - The State v. Randy Lester

12-3-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-570 - Charleston County DSS v. Latrina R.

2009-UP-571 - The State v. Eric Scott

2009-UP-572 - The State v. James McCrorey

2009-UP-573 - The State v. Earnest Vaughn, Sr

2009-UP-574 - The State v. Rodney Manning

2009-UP-575 - The State Tabitha Brittingham

2009-UP-576 - The State v. Troyell Scarborough

2009-UP-577 - The State v. Larry Cliff

2009-UP-578 - The State v. Kenneth Robinson

2009-UP-579 - The State v. Chana Harsey

2009-UP-580 - The State v. Charles Hagwood, Jr.

2009-UP-581 - The State v. Keith Sharpe

2009-UP-582 - The State v. Dennis Hunter

12-14-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-583 - Entwistle Builders v. Harris

2009-UP-584 - State v. Hoyt

2009-UP-585 - Duncan v. SCDC

2009-UP-586 - State v. Freeman

2009-UP-587 - Peter Oliver v. Lexington County Assessor

2009-UP-588 - The State v. Harold Wilson

2009-UP-589 - The State v. Brandon Mazyck

2009-UP-590 - Elaine Teruel v. Rercival Teruel

12-15-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-591 - Keith Briggs v. State of South Carolina

2009-UP-592 - County of Abbeville v. Calhoun Falls Rescue Squad, Inc.

2009-UP-593 - The State v. Harold Griffin

2009-UP-595 - The State v. Thonal Edwards

2009-UP-596 - Michael Todd v. SC Dept of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services

2009-UP-597 - The State v. Rudolph Holden

2009-UP-598 - The State v. Aaron Brewton

12-16-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-594 - Adrian Hammond v. Gerald and Kimpson, LLC

2009-UP-599 - Paris Mountain Utilities, Inc., v. SC DHEC

2009-UP-600 - The State v. Christopher Howell

2009-UP-601 - The State v. Reginald Hunter

2009-UP-602 - The State v. Rachion Omar Robinson

12-22-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-603 - State v. Craig

2009-UP-604 - Couram v. Time Warner Cable

2009-UP-605 - State v. SCDC

2009-UP-606 - State v. Johnson

2009-UP-607 - State v. Anderson

2009-UP-608 - State v. Roberts

2009-UP-609 - State v. Roberts

2009-UP-610 - State v. Goss

2009-UP-611 - State v. Boyce

2009-UP-612 - Pacific Fibers, Inc. v. U.S. Fibers, Inc

2009-UP-613 - The State v. Stacey E. Lingerfelt

2009-UP-614 - The State v. Michael J. Laney

2009-UP-615 - The State v. Joseph Leon Zoller

2009-UP-616 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Mitchell Shane Matthews

2009-UP-617 - The State v. Carlos Antone Bolt

2009-UP-618 - The State v. Michael Anthony Still

2009-UP-619 - The State v. Robert Lee Robinson, Jr.,

2009-UP-620 - Iglhaut v. Buggie

12-29-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-621 - Jesse G. v. South Carolina Department of Social Services

12-30-2009 - Opinions

2009-UP-622 - Clyde Ackerman v. Roy C. Walker, Inc.