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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - January 2010

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1-7-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-001 - Massey v. Werner Enterprises, Inc.

1-11-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-002 - Ingomar Limited Partnership v. Eidemiller

1-12-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-003 - SC DSS v. Natasha P.

2010-UP-004 - SC DSS v. Wanda M.

1-21-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-005 - The State v. Tracy Dowell

2010-UP-006 - The State v. Patrick Bryant

2010-UP-007 - The State v. Keith Bradley

2010-UP-008 - The State v. Dontavious Mack

2010-UP-009 - The State v. Jwan Smith

2010-UP-010 - The State v. Barry Williams

2010-UP-011 - The State v. Brandon Byers

2010-UP-012 - The State v. Terrance Black

2010-UP-013 - The State v. Gary Piper

1-25-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-014 - State v. Haltiwanger

2010-UP-015 - State v. Jones

2010-UP-016 - State v. Fitch

2010-UP-017 - State v. Thomason

2010-UP-018 - State v. McCants-Freeman

2010-UP-019 - State v. Watts

2010-UP-020 - State v. Miller

2010-UP-021 - State v. Lupo

2010-UP-022 - State v. Gaines

2010-UP-023 - The State v. Darryl Cook

2010-UP-024 - The State v. Jesse Holland

2010-UP-025 - The State v. Tyron Patterson

2010-UP-026 - The State v. Ronald Beusse

2010-UP-027 - Keith Marshall v. Michael Marshall

2010-UP-028 - Sandra Jo Martin v. William Young Martin

2010-UP-029 - The State v. Mildred Diamond

2010-UP-030 - The State v. Travis Bigger

2010-UP-031 - The State v. Michael Farrow

2010-UP-032 - The State v. Jeremy Brown

1-26-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-033 - The State v. David Westfall

2010-UP-034 - The State v. Charles Owens

2010-UP-035 - The State v. Joe Lynch

2010-UP-036 - The State v. Jermaine Hartwell

2010-UP-037 - The State v. Terry Hoffman

2010-UP-038 - The State v. Thomas Small

2010-UP-039 - The State v. Lorenzo Ragin

2010-UP-040 - The State v. Forrest Werts

2010-UP-041 - The State v. Antwan Wade

2010-UP-042 - The State v. Troy Pearson

2010-UP-043 - In The Interest Of David Tyler S

2010-UP-044 - Barbara S. v. Kimberly G.

2010-UP-045 - SC DSS v. Charlotte S.

1-27-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-046 - State v. Sarratt

2010-UP-047 - State v. Sanders

2010-UP-048 - State v. Kelley

2010-UP-049 - State v. Gerald

2010-UP-050 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Raymond Carter

2010-UP-051 - The State v. Jonathan Barnhill

2010-UP-052 - The State v. Aaron Booker

2010-UP-053 - The State v. Quinton Daniels

2010-UP-054 - The State v. Terrence Jennings

2010-UP-055 - The State v. Carlos Mattison

2010-UP-056 - The State v. Curtis Newsom

1-28-2010 - Opinions

2010-UP-057 - The State v. Abraham Kelty

2010-UP-058 - The State v. Thomas Moore

2010-UP-059 - The State v. Richardo Webber

2010-UP-060 - The State v. Jeron Walker

2010-UP-061 - The State v. Kimberlee Huffstetler

2010-UP-062 - State v. Teamer

2010-UP-063 - State v. Smith

2010-UP-064 - State v. Rivers

2010-UP-065 - State v. Hawkins

2010-UP-066 - State v. Brown