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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2014

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

4-2-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-132 - State v. Brown

2014-UP-133 - State v. Fishburne

2014-UP-134 - State v. Johnson

2014-UP-135 - State v. McConnell

2014-UP-136 - State v. Thompson

2014-UP-137 - State v. Newman

2014-UP-138 - Clark v. State

2014-UP-139 - State v. Span

2014-UP-140 - State v. Greene

2014-UP-141 - State v. Butts

2014-UP-142 - State v. Russell

2014-UP-143 - State v. Thomas

2014-UP-144 - State v. Watson

2014-UP-145 - State v. Jones

2014-UP-146 - State v. Barnette

2014-UP-147 - Williams v. L'Oreal

2014-UP-148 - Cellular Sales v. SCDEW

2014-UP-151 - State v. Dodd

2014-UP-152 - State v. Green

2014-UP-153 - Kinloch v. Pinkney

2014-UP-154 - State v. Dukes

2014-UP-155 - State v. Jenkins

2014-UP-156 - State v. Harrelson

2014-UP-157 - State v. Florez

2014-UP-158 - Woods v. Hinson

2014-UP-159 - City of Columbia v. Wilson

2014-UP-160 - State v. Harris

2014-UP-161 - Horry County v. Aquasino Partners

2014-UP-162 - State v. Wilson

2014-UP-163 - Medlin v. Fairfield County

4-9-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-165 - Leggette v. Duly

2014-UP-166 - Wider v. SCDEW

2014-UP-167 - State v. Johnson

4-16-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-168 - Pinepoint Associates v. Vanevery Enterprises

2014-UP-169 - State v. Lee

2014-UP-170 - Green v. Humphries

2014-UP-171 - US Bank v. Bebout

4-23-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-172 - Rogers v. Carr

2014-UP-173 - Reilly v. Reilly

2014-UP-174 - State v. Williams

2014-UP-175 - Bettencourt v. Wald

2014-UP-176 - Bannister v. Bannister

2014-UP-177 - State v. Love

4-30-2014 - Opinions

2014-UP-114 - Powell v. Potterfield

2014-UP-178 - State v. Carter

2014-UP-179 - In the Interest of Shemar V.

2014-UP-180 - State v. Jones

2014-UP-181 - State v. Cosacchi

2014-UP-182 - State v. Lee

2014-UP-183 - Johnson v. Johnson

2014-UP-184 - State v. Steplight