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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - May 2017

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

5-2-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-189 - SCDSS v. Joyce Dempsey

2017-UP-190 - SCDSS v. John Dempsey

5-3-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-182 - Sun v. Sun

2017-UP-183 - Gregory v. Riley Pope & Laney

2017-UP-184 - In the Matter of Owen

2017-UP-185 - State v. Feaster

2017-UP-186 - State v. Williams

2017-UP-191 - SCDSS v. Tucker

5-9-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-196 - SCDSS v. Barzilay

5-11-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-192 - Johnson v. Keel

2017-UP-193 - Gregory v. Keel

2017-UP-194 - McNeil v. Keel

2017-UP-195 - Green v. Keel

2017-UP-197 - State v. Frasier

2017-UP-198 - Watford v. SCDC

2017-UP-199 - SC Public Interest v. SCDOT

2017-UP-200 - State v. Davis

5-17-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-201 - State v. Graddick

2017-UP-202 - English v. Sexton

2017-UP-203 - State v. Slaton

2017-UP-204 - Duke Energy v. Hiller

2017-UP-205 - SCDSS v. Davis

2017-UP-206 - State v. Pitts

2017-UP-207 - State v. Lorusso

2017-UP-208 - Estate of Weekley v. Weekley

2017-UP-209 - Maldonado v. SCDC

2017-UP-210 - State v. Glover

5-24-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-211 - Founders Federal v. Irving

2017-UP-212 - In the Matter of Jason Bodie

2017-UP-213 - State v. Castro

2017-UP-214 - State v. Young

2017-UP-215 - Chamblee v. Anderson County Fire Department

2017-UP-216 - State v. Terrell

2017-UP-217 - Jenkins v. SCDEW

2017-UP-218 - State v. Franklin

2017-UP-219 - Cartrette v. SCDC

2017-UP-220 - SCFCU v. Sistrunk

2017-UP-221 - State v. Gardner

2017-UP-222 - Ex Parte: Johnnie Cordero v. SCDOR

2017-UP-223 - Baker v. Hardwick

2017-UP-224 - State v. Wright

2017-UP-225 - State v. Rowland

2017-UP-226 - Langley v. Lynch

5-31-2017 - Opinions

2017-UP-227 - Arrowpoint Capital v. SC Second Injury

2017-UP-228 - Arrowpoint Captial v. SC Second Injury

2017-UP-229 - Arrowpoint Capital v. SC Second Injury

2017-UP-230 - Reed v. CareNet

2017-UP-231 - State v. Henderson

2017-UP-232 - State v. Tyus

2017-UP-233 - Perez v. Alice Manufacturing

2017-UP-234 - SunTrust v. Ostendorff

2017-UP-235 - SCDSS v. Briley