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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - July 2019

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

7-3-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-238 - Federal National Mortgage v. Dalen

2019-UP-239 - US Bank Trust v. Hammond

2019-UP-240 - Palmer v. Keel

2019-UP-241 - In the Matter of Craig Allen Carroll

2019-UP-242 - Bank of North Carolina v. Whitfield

2019-UP-243 - Bank of North Carolina v. Anthony Whitfield

2019-UP-244 - State v. Duckett

2019-UP-245 - Efland v. Mills

2019-UP-246 - White v. NHC Parklane

2019-UP-247 - State v. Huggins

2019-UP-248 - State v. Carpenter

2019-UP-249 - McCullough v. Author Solutions, LLC

2019-UP-250 - State v. Williams

2019-UP-251 - Ex Parte: Theresa Ann Gathers v. Bailey

7-8-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-252 - SCDSS v. Barnes

7-17-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-253 - Fifth Third Mortgage Co v. Liggett

2019-UP-254 - Davis-Branch v. Jackson

2019-UP-255 - Faubel v. Pate

2019-UP-256 - Simmons v. State

2019-UP-257 - West/Hobby v. County of Newberry

2019-UP-258 - State v. White

2019-UP-259 - State v. Bowler

2019-UP-260 - Pugh v. CB&I AREVA MOX

2019-UP-261 - Feldman v. Coggin

2019-UP-262 - Gould v. Worldwide Apparel LLC

2019-UP-263 - State v. Kinsey

2019-UP-264 - State v. Gadsden

7-22-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-273 - SCDSS v. McDonald

7-23-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-274 - Payne v. Payne

7-24-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-265 - Wazney v. Wazney

2019-UP-266 - House v. Colleton County

2019-UP-267 - McAllister v. Cato

2019-UP-268 - State v. Biggs

2019-UP-269 - Dawkins v. Wilburn

2019-UP-270 - Keel v. Atlantic Private Equity Group

2019-UP-271 - McKinnon v. Bray

2019-UP-272 - State v. Ghent

7-31-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-275 - In the Matter of James Gibson

2019-UP-276 - In the Matter of Gary Lee Burris

2019-UP-277 - Blanding v. Lott

2019-UP-278 - Bradsher v. Bradsher

2019-UP-279 - SCDSS v. Evans