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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - August 2019

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

8-2-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-280 - SCDSS v. Jefferson Claude Matthews-Floyd

8-7-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-281 - State v. Stroman

2019-UP-282 - City of Rock Hill v. Morgan

2019-UP-283 - Kelly v. Rachels

2019-UP-284 - The Bank of New York Mellon v. Lanier

2019-UP-285 - Green Tree Servicing v. Illingworth

2019-UP-286 - Kim v. County of Richland

2019-UP-287 - Connelly v. Winsor Custom Homes

2019-UP-288 - Weddle v. Charleston County Sheriff's Office

8-12-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-291 - SCDSS v. Rice

8-14-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-289 - State v. Graham

2019-UP-290 - State v. Elephant, Inc.

2019-UP-292 - Lauer v. Brooks

2019-UP-293 - Arredondo v. SNH SE Ashley River Tenant, LLC

8-21-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-294 - State v. Price

2019-UP-295 - State v. Enriquez

2019-UP-296 - Branch Banking and Trust v. Cain

2019-UP-297 - Williams v. State

2019-UP-298 - State v. Graham

2019-UP-299 - Brailsford v. Piggly Wiggly

2019-UP-300 - Singleton v. City of Georgetown

2019-UP-301 - Bouchelle Inc. v. Charleston Wrecking, Inc.

2019-UP-302 - Bouchelle Inc. v. Canopius US Insurance, Inc.

2019-UP-303 - CitiMortgage, Inc. v. Moxley

2019-UP-304 - China Construction America v. MS Production Solutions

2019-UP-305 - Billy Herndon v. G & G Logging

8-28-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-133 - State v. Holmes

2019-UP-140 - McDaniel v. Career Employment

2019-UP-307 - State v. Wheeler

2019-UP-308 - Kelly v. McCombs

2019-UP-309 - Doyle v. Horry County

2019-UP-310 - SunTrust Mortgage v. Lanier

2019-UP-311 - Jenkins v. Ferrara Buist Company

2019-UP-312 - State v. Hunter

8-29-2019 - Opinions

2019-UP-313 - SCDSS v. Muirhead

2019-UP-314 - Directo v. SCDSS