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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - June 2021

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

6-2-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-190 - Murphy v. Halocarbon Products Corporation

2021-UP-191 - Quality Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. v. Coogler Construction Company, Inc.

2021-UP-192 - Doe v. Jeremy Gardner

2021-UP-193 - Doe v. Nikki Gardner

6-9-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-194 - SCDSS v. John Doe and Jane Doe

2021-UP-195 - South State Bank v. Sand Dollar 31, LLC

2021-UP-197 - State v. Lunsford

2021-UP-198 - State v. Crawford

2021-UP-199 - State v. Smith

2021-UP-200 - State v. Waldrup

2021-UP-201 - State v. Blake

2021-UP-202 - McPartland v. SCDMV

2021-UP-203 - Mackey v. SCDPPPS

2021-UP-204 - State v. Williams

2021-UP-205 - State v. Towe

2021-UP-206 - Wilmington Savings Fund v. Hooks

2021-UP-207 - Ascension Forensic, LLC v. Clark

2021-UP-208 - State v. Sailors

2021-UP-209 - State v. Isaac

2021-UP-210 - State v. Davis

6-10-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-211 - SCDSS v. Jessica Lee Ballew Brown

2021-UP-212 - SCDSS v Jeremy Brown

2021-UP-213 - SCDSS v. Downs

6-11-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-221 - SCDSS v. Segars

2021-UP-222 - SCDSS v. Richter

6-14-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-225 - SCDSS v. Miller

6-16-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-214 - State v. Aljoe

2021-UP-215 - State v. Hernandez-Santo

2021-UP-216 - Smith v. Newton

2021-UP-217 - State v. Swearingen

2021-UP-218 - State v. Smith

2021-UP-219 - State v. Seldon

2021-UP-220 - State v. McKnight

2021-UP-223 - State v. Merritt

2021-UP-224 - McCory v. Postlewait

2021-UP-226 - SCDSS v. Clayton

2021-UP-227 - SCDSS v. Rice

6-17-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-228 - SCDSS v. Pearson

6-21-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-239 - SCDSS v. Atkinson

6-23-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-229 - Rice v. Doe

2021-UP-230 - Tomsic v. Tomsic

2021-UP-231 - JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Timmons

2021-UP-232 - Carrington Mortgage Services v. Watson

2021-UP-233 - State v. Wright

2021-UP-234 - State v. Daniels

2021-UP-235 - State v. Waldrop

2021-UP-236 - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Wolff

2021-UP-237 - Turner v. South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority

2021-UP-238 - State v. Brock

6-29-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-251 - SCDSS v. Spoone

6-30-2021 - Opinions

2021-UP-240 - Pierce v. Pierce

2021-UP-241 - Atchison v. Jenkins

2021-UP-242 - Rutter v. City of Columbia Design/Development Review Commission

2021-UP-243 - Rickenbaker v. Schumacher Homes of South Carolina Inc.

2021-UP-244 - M.R. Jackson Construction LLC v. State Farm Insurance

2021-UP-245 - State v. Reher

2021-UP-246 - State v. Postell

2021-UP-247 - Rogers v. State of South Carolina

2021-UP-248 - Mungin v. State of South Carolina

2021-UP-249 - State v. Holmes

2021-UP-250 - Qualls v. Burlington Coat Factory of South Carolina, LLC