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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2022

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

4-1-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-171 - SCDSS v. Lacie Smith

4-6-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-156 - State v. Darryl Eugene Coleman

2022-UP-157 - Essie Ruth Ford v. Ralph Kline

2022-UP-158 - State v. Sheldon Alonzo Watson

2022-UP-159 - State v. Terek Rasheed Goodwin

2022-UP-160 - Georgia Woodberry v. State

2022-UP-161 - Denis Yeo v. Lexington County Assessor

2022-UP-162 - Jerome McDaniel v. SCDPPPS

2022-UP-163 - Debi Baker Brookshire v. Community First Bank

2022-UP-164 - State v. Ramesha Monet Brantley

2022-UP-165 - State v. Damon Ratiek Riley

2022-UP-167 - State v. Clifton Eugene Smith

2022-UP-168 - Adam Winningham v. SCDC

2022-UP-169 - Estate of Richard Ladson, Jr. v. THI of South Carolina at Charleston

2022-UP-170 - Tony Young v. Greenwood County Sheriff's Office

4-13-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-172 - Demetric Hayes v. Jim Stroud

4-20-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-173 - State v. Derrick Lamar Porter

2022-UP-174 - Meredith Hastings Manley v. Earl Carrara

2022-UP-175 - Brown Contractors, LLC v. Andrew Joseph McMarlin

4-21-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-176 - SCDSS v.Clayton Thomas Anglin

2022-UP-177 - SCDSS v. Russell McLean

2022-UP-178 - SCDSS v. Savannah Rhinehart

2022-UP-179 - SCDSS v. Ashley Brown

4-22-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-182 - SCDSS v. Sara Amanda Anglin

4-27-2022 - Opinions

2022-UP-033 - E.G. and J.J. v. SCDSS

2022-UP-180 - Berkley T. Feagin v. Cambria C. Feagin

2022-UP-181 - Frontage Road Associates, Inc., v. Elephant, Inc.

2022-UP-183 - Raymond A. Wedlake v. Scott Bashor

2022-UP-184 - Raymond A. Wedlake v. Board of Directors of Woodington Homeowners' Association, Inc.

2022-UP-185 - Charles Willis Gardner v. Taylor Reuben Adams