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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2023

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

4-5-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-132 - Brown-Gantt v. Centex Real Estate Company, LLC

2023-UP-133 - State v. Grayer

2023-UP-134 - Edmonds v. City of Columbia

2023-UP-135 - Mawyer v. SCPPP

2023-UP-136 - State v. Jordan

2023-UP-137 - Chronister v. SCDPPP

2023-UP-138 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of John Shelby Wells

2023-UP-139 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of John O'Neil Johnson

2023-UP-140 - State v. Dixon, Jr

2023-UP-141 - State v. Dayvault

2023-UP-142 - State v. Watkins

2023-UP-144 - State v. Steadman

2023-UP-145 - Starbella, LLC v. Rovira

2023-UP-146 - Robinson v. Jones

4-6-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-148 - SCDSS v. Walker

2023-UP-149 - SCDSS v. Page

4-12-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-150 - Edward M. Dunn, Jr. v. State

2023-UP-151 - Deborah Weeks v. David Weeks

2023-UP-152 - Joshua Walrath v. Tamara Walrath

2023-UP-153 - State v. Tavis Colston

4-19-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-154 - Luther Brian Marcus #218408 v. SCDC

2023-UP-155 - NGM Insurance v. Miles Insurance

2023-UP-156 - Haley Burns v. Julius Burns

2023-UP-157 - Born Capital, LLC v. Caroline Beauregard

2023-UP-158 - Herman Holcomb v. City of North Augusta

4-25-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-167 - Amanda Murphy v. Monte Murphy

4-26-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-159 - State v. Christopher Lee Sanders

2023-UP-160 - State v. Johnathan Rakim Bright

2023-UP-162 - State v. Kevin J. McKinnon

2023-UP-163 - State v. Walter Alexander Palacios

2023-UP-164 - Randall G. Dalton v. The Muffin Mam, Inc.

2023-UP-165 - Compass Collegiate Academy, Inc. v. Charleston County School District

2023-UP-166 - Gene Grady v. The Shaw Group