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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - June 2023

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

6-7-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-217 - Kevin Grant v. State Farm Mutual

2023-UP-218 - The State v. Lavar A. Smith

2023-UP-219 - Jorge Lopez-Celestin v. Reeves Young, LLC

2023-UP-220 - Estate of Patricia B. Holliday v. Ross S. Holliday

2023-UP-221 - Ted Johnson v. Badcock & More Home Furniture

2023-UP-222 - Bay Light, LLC v. Westgate Office Park Landowner

2023-UP-223 - Mary Hickman v. Safety National

2023-UP-224 - Bethany Aloha Rich v. New Heights Property Management

2023-UP-225 - In the Matter of Brian Valbert

2023-UP-226 - The State v. Jakkari J. D. Brown

2023-UP-227 - The State v. Joseph R. Henry

2023-UP-228 - The State v. Elijah Q. D. Green

2023-UP-229 - The State v. Tobias M. Thomas

2023-UP-230 - The State v. Devonte T. Major

2023-UP-231 - Unifund CCR, LLC v. Shonda L. Wade

2023-UP-232 - Beachwalk Hotel v. The Town of Hilton Head

6-12-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-242 - SCDSS v. Chasya Gilbody

6-14-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-233 - Gerika Clay v. SCDSS

2023-UP-234 - Sandy Hill v. Central Palmetto

2023-UP-235 - Rene Ronaghan v. Howard Charpia (7)

2023-UP-236 - U.S. Bank, NA v. Alyce F. Otto

2023-UP-237 - William Bronson v. Cray Inc.

2023-UP-238 - JBCM Holdings v. Carolina Coin Amusement, LLC

2023-UP-239 - Wilmington Savings Fund Society v. Rex A. Field

2023-UP-240 - Larry T. Chestnut v. State

2023-UP-241 - John Hine v. Timothy McCrory

6-21-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-244 - Logan Wood v. Horry County School District

2023-UP-245 - State v. Whyzdom A. L. Douse

2023-UP-246 - Ironworks Productions, LLC v. Bobcat of Greenville, LLC

2023-UP-247 - Bilal S. Haynesworth v. State

2023-UP-248 - Derrick Fishburne v. State

2023-UP-249 - Buck Investments, LLC v. ROA, LLC

2023-UP-250 - Andre Green v. State

2023-UP-251 - Evolve Softworks, LLC v. Anthony Burkett

2023-UP-252 - Vicki Littlefield v. Paul W. Cromer, Jr.

6-28-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-161 - State v. Terrell Denard Knightner

2023-UP-189 - SCDSS v. Caressa S. Norris

2023-UP-214 - Reginald Perry v. Jennifer Olson

2023-UP-253 - State v. Michael A. Walcott

2023-UP-254 - In the Matter of Lauren Martel

2023-UP-255 - Shelia Hutchins v. Security Group, Inc.

2023-UP-256 - David O’Shields v. Piedmont Glass