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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - January 2024

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

1-3-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-001 - The State v. Charvix L. Wright

2024-UP-002 - The State v. Chase Milam

2024-UP-003 - The State v. Quintus D. Faison

2024-UP-004 - The State v. Jonathan R. Rackley

2024-UP-005 - Mary Tisdale v. Palmetto Lake City-Scranton Operating

2024-UP-006 - Jefferson Davis, Jr. v. Chad Connelly

2024-UP-007 - Shem Creek v. Town of Mount Pleasant

2024-UP-008 - State v. Jamal D. Coburn

2024-UP-009 - Fred Holland Realty v. City of Folly Beach

2024-UP-010 - David Miller v. Sharon McMillan

2024-UP-011 - Summerville Retail Investment v. Montebello JTA Group

2024-UP-012 - SCDSS v. Jennifer Carr

1-8-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-013 - SCDSS v. Lisa Adams

2024-UP-014 - SCDSS v. Jack R. Newsome, Jr.

1-10-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-015 - Wright v. State

2024-UP-016 - Cutter & Company, LLC v. Stafford Funding Group LLC

2024-UP-017 - Galvan v. Griffin Stafford North Charleston

2024-UP-018 - Baracco v. County of Beaufort

2024-UP-019 - BVW Holding AG v. Hoowaki, LLC

1-17-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-020 - Amanda Beach v. Daniel Beach

2024-UP-021 - Michelle Capps v. Joseph Capps, Jr.

2024-UP-022 - ARM Quality Builders, LLC v. Joseph Golson

2024-UP-023 - Wilmington Savings Fund v. Nelson L. Bruce (2)

2024-UP-024 - Kacey Green v. Mervin Lee Johnson

2024-UP-025 - SCDSS v. Amber Raper

2024-UP-026 - SCDSS v. Dakota Vanover

1-24-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-027 - James Carson, III v. Kirsten Carson (2)

2024-UP-028 - Westbury Park Residential Association, Inc. v. Estate at Westbury Owners Association, Inc.

2024-UP-029 - Andrew Desilet v. Amanda Desilet

2024-UP-030 - Bridgett Taylor v. Richland County Sheriff’s Department

2024-UP-031 - State v. Darryl D. Bradley, Jr.

1-25-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-039 - SCDSS v. Hayes

1-31-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-032 - State v. Linda L. Monette

2024-UP-033 - State v. David A. Little, Jr.

2024-UP-034 - State v. Joseph D. Burton

2024-UP-035 - State v. Solomon T. Yemame

2024-UP-036 - State v. Ronald Wood, Jr.

2024-UP-037 - David Wilson v. Carolina Custom Converting, LLC

2024-UP-038 - SCHAC v. Yacht Cove Owners Association, LLC

2024-UP-040 - The Estate of Charles S. Rudd v. Pepper Hill Nursing & Rehab Center

2024-UP-041 - Andrew HaLevi PHD v. Charleston County School