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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - May 2024

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

5-1-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-134 - State v. Medlin

2024-UP-135 - State v. Hallbrook

2024-UP-136 - State v. Gaines

2024-UP-137 - State v. Graves

2024-UP-138 - State v. Hope

2024-UP-139 - State v. Cooper

2024-UP-140 - Royal Garden Resort Regime Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Sea Breeze Property Management & Contract Services, Inc.

2024-UP-141 - State v. Sanders

2024-UP-142 - State v. Young

2024-UP-143 - State v. Whitener

2024-UP-144 - Peterkin v. Bummz Beach, LLC

2024-UP-145 - State v. McClure, Jr.

2024-UP-146 - State v. Davis, Jr.

2024-UP-147 - State v. Seidle

2024-UP-149 - State v. Jeter

2024-UP-150 - State v. Jackson

2024-UP-151 - State v. Dixon

2024-UP-152 - Wilson v. Hedges

2024-UP-153 - Regions Bank v. CDIC Development Company, LLC

2024-UP-154 - Brown v. Walmart Inc.

2024-UP-155 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Tyrone Maurice Moore

2024-UP-156 - Lovelace v. The Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

2024-UP-157 - SCDSS v. Levine

5-8-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-158 - In the Matter of: Estate of Annie Mae Crosby

2024-UP-159 - Bonnie Wall v. Jonathan Dye (1)

2024-UP-160 - Adele Pope v. Alan Wilson (2)

2024-UP-162 - In the Matter of Jeffrey S. Owens

2024-UP-163 - In the Interest of Jaylin S., a Juvenile Under the Age of Seventeen

2024-UP-164 - Grayson Dailey v. SC Home Holdings, LLC

2024-UP-165 - Timothy Starnes v. Meritage Asset Management, Inc.

2024-UP-166 - The State v. Quatase J. Jenrette

2024-UP-167 - Julia Brooker v. Beacham O. Brooker, Jr.

2024-UP-168 - Progressive Northern Insurance Company v. Gloria Oliver

2024-UP-169 - Vidhyaben R. Patel v. Hardik R. Patel (1)

2024-UP-170 - Vidhyaben R. Patel v. Hardik R. Patel (2)

5-13-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-172 - Chad Reynolds v. Kathleen Stone

2024-UP-173 - SCDSS v. Daisy Brown

2024-UP-174 - SCDSS v. Suekethia Davis

2024-UP-175 - SCDSS v. Jeremy Edge

5-15-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-067 - Saundra Hoffman v. State Farm

2024-UP-171 - SCDOR v. Agua Pina, LLC

5-20-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-188 - SCDSS v. Brooks

5-22-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-082 - Advocaat v. Community Services Associates

2024-UP-176 - The State v. Aaron M. Capers (2)

2024-UP-177 - The State v. Lora Mae Lewis

2024-UP-178 - The State v. Kelcie R. Gilbert

2024-UP-179 - The State v. Brandal Smith

2024-UP-180 - Linda Ammons v. Ormondo Leombruno

2024-UP-181 - The State v. Jarvis D. Lucas

2024-UP-182 - The State v. Charles Barham

2024-UP-183 - Johnnie Cordero v. Matthew Kisner

2024-UP-184 - The State v. Joseph D. Cooper

2024-UP-185 - Levi Grantham, LLC v. Kathy Wright Mitchell

2024-UP-186 - In the Matter of Edith Cox Soles (Marcia Anderson v. Jimmy Soles)

2024-UP-187 - Alfreda Spann v. Leroy Spann

5-28-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-202 - SCDSS v. Samantha Ann Turner

5-29-2024 - Opinions

2024-UP-189 - SC Technical College System v. Carla Jackson

2024-UP-190 - The State v. Kevin Herriott

2024-UP-191 - The State v. Dionte J. Habersham

2024-UP-192 - The State v. Tashonby P. Wilson

2024-UP-193 - Jennie Cox v. Palmetto State Transportation

2024-UP-194 - Greg Simmons v. Palmer Simmons

2024-UP-195 - Terrence L. Rush v. Michael B. Stribble

2024-UP-196 - The State v. Brandy V. Harris

2024-UP-197 - Henry Brewington v. City of Myrtle Beach

2024-UP-198 - Gator Northridge Partners, LLC v. Ocean Woods Landscaping Co., Inc.

2024-UP-199 - Elizabeth Farmer v. James Short

2024-UP-200 - Kevin Penland v. Key Largo Mobile Home Park

2024-UP-201 - New Life Apostolic Church, Inc. v. Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.

2024-UP-203 - SCDSS v. Gates

2024-UP-204 - SCDSS v. Gibson