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Supreme Court Published Opinions - January 2001

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The summary following each opinion is prepared to offer lawyers and the public a general overview of what a particular opinion decides. The summary is not necessarily a full description of the issues discussed in an opinion.

1-1-2001 - Opinions

25153 - Elder v. Gaffney Ledger

25155 - Edmond v. State

25160 - State v. Warren

1-8-2001 - Opinions

25226 - State v. Kelly

This is a direct criminal appeal in a death penalty case.

25227 - Brown v. State

This is a post-conviction relief case which involves the issue of subject matter jurisdiction.

25228 - Pruitt v. S.C. Medical Malpractice Liability Joint Underwriting Assoc.

This civil case discusses the enforceability of a structured settlement agreement.

25229 - Rogers v. Rogers

This domestic case addresses issues regarding an increase in child support.

1-16-2001 - Opinions

25230 - State v. Salisbury

This DUI case addresses issues regarding circumstantial evidence jury charges.

25231 - Charleston County Parents for Public Schools, Inc. v. Moseley

This case in the Court's original jurisdiction addresses whether a school board has authority to impose a certain tax levy in order to operate the public school system in Charleston County.

25232 - In the Matter of Eugene Charles Fulton, Jr.

Attorney Disciplinary matter involving non payment of physician's court appearance fee and failure to respond to Disciplinary Counsel inquiry.

25233 - In the Matter of Larry F. Grant

Opinion publicly reprimanding attorney.

25234 - In the Matter of Ronald Lawrence Nester, Sr.

Attorney disciplinary matter in which respondent admitted misconduct and consented to a public reprimand.

25235 - In the Matter of L. Michael Allsep

Attorney disciplinary matter in which respondent admitted misconduct and consented to a definite suspension from the practice of law for sixty (60) days.

25236 - Boan v. Blackwell

Loss of enjoyment of life' and 'pain and suffering' are separately compensable elements of damages.

25237 - Anderson v. Baptist Medical Center and Palmetto Hospital Trust Fund

This Workers' Compensation case involves aggravation of a pre-existing psychological condition and calculation of average weekly wage.

1-22-2001 - Opinions

25238 - Munoz v. Green Tree Financial Corp.

This civil case discusses application of the Federal Arbitration Act in the context of a consumer loan transaction.

1-24-2001 - Opinions

25241 - Duke Power Company v. Public Service Commission of S.C. and Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative

This case concerns the assignment of territory between electric suppliers.

25242 - State v. Jones

Death penalty conviction reversed because of four errors in the guilt phase.

25243 - State v. Gay

This is a criminal appeal from a murder conviction which involves issues of third party guilt, the admissibility of a photograph, and whether a life sentence was mandatory.

1-29-2001 - Opinions

25239 - In the Matter of Terry A. Trexler

This is a disciplinary case involving criminal misconduct.

25240 - State v. Lollis

This case concerns whether a trial judge should have granted a directed verdict in an arson case.

25244 - Kiriakides v. Atlas Food Systems & Services, Inc.

Judicial dissolutionof a closely held family corporation; primary issue is what constitutes oppressive conduct.