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Supreme Court Published Opinions - December 2001

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The summary following each opinion is prepared to offer lawyers and the public a general overview of what a particular opinion decides. The summary is not necessarily a full description of the issues discussed in an opinion.

12-3-2001 - Opinions

25381 - Bruno v. State

This is a post-conviction relief case involving the issue of evidence admitted about a witness taking a polygraph test.

25382 - Mayo v. State

This post-conviction case discusses whether counsel was ineffective in failing to object to bad act evidence and failing to impeach the victim.

25383 - County of Greenville v. Mann

In this case the petitioner was held in contempt for failing to comply with a court order. Petitioner claims he cannot be held in contempt since the court was without jurisdiction to issue the order and the order was ambiguous and contradictory.

25384 - In the Matter of Calhoun

Opinion suspending attorney fo 18 months.

25385 - In the Matter of Pyatt

Opinion publically reprimanding attorney.

25386 - In the Matter of Smith

Attorney disciplinary matter in which respondent admitted misconduct and consented to a definite suspension of six months retroactive to March 1, 2001.

25387 - In the Matter of Lafaye

Opinion suspending attorney from practice of law for one year.

12-10-2001 - Opinions

25388 - In the Matter of Olin L. Purvis, III

This is an attorney disciplinary case.

12-17-2001 - Opinions

25389 - State v. McGowan

Issues are whether defendant was entitled to directed verdict on charges of ABIK and resisting arrest with deadly force.

25390 - In the Matter of Deddish

Opinion suspending attorney for six months.

25391 - Gary v. State

This case involves the application of the one-year statute of limitation for filing PCR actions.

25392 - Fuller v. State

Issue in the PCR matter is whether Fuller was properly granted PCR based upon the APPEARANCE that counsel had a conflict of interest in dual representation.

25393 - Solomon v. State

This PCR case discusses whether counsel was ineffective in failing to object to the trial judge's failure to submit a "not guilty" verdict to the jury.

12-31-2001 - Opinions

25394 - Doe v. JUA

Insurer's decision in apportioning settlement among several insureds is subject to covenant of good faith and fair dealing. In order to prevail, party challenging apportionment decision must show bad faith on part of insurer.