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Supreme Court Published Opinions - March 2001

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The summary following each opinion is prepared to offer lawyers and the public a general overview of what a particular opinion decides. The summary is not necessarily a full description of the issues discussed in an opinion.

3-12-2001 - Opinions

25256 - Folk v. Thomas

This case concerns whether Charleston County is required to determine wether a parcel of land is divisible before the County auctions the land at a tax sale.

25257 - State v. Jones

Criminal case holding defendant was properly charged with 3 counts or armed robbery; upholding constitutionality of S.C. Code Ann. ยง 17-25-45 (Supp. 2000), the "Two-Strikes" law; and upholding denial of "Telfaire" charge.

25258 - State v. Brown

This criminal case discusses the distinction between character and habit evidence and when such evidence is admissible.

25259 - In the Matter of Richard A. Blackmon

Opinion publicly reprimanding attorney.

25260 - Evans v. State

This opinion clarifies which issues may be decided by administrative agencies and Administrative Law Judges.

25261 - City of Myrtle Beach v. Juel P. Corporation and Gay Dolphin, Inc.

This opinion interprets a city sign ordinance.

3-19-2001 - Opinions

25262 - State v. Laux

Issue is whether a temporary resident in Laux' apartment had actual or apparent authority to consent to a search of his apartment.

25263 - Pearson v. Bridges

This case involves the standard of admissibility for future damages in a medical malpractice action.

25264 - State v. McHoney

The primary issue in this murder case is whether the victim's identification of the defendant, made by nodding her head in response to questions by medical personnel, should have been admitted as a dying declaration. Other issues on appeal involve the admissibility of a polygraph test, the denial of defendant's directed verdict motion, the trial judge's reasonable doubt instruction, and the trial judge's denial of a jury view of the crime scene.

3-26-2001 - Opinions

25265 - Cullum v. SC Baptist Hospital

This is a civil case involving the issue of whether an architect may have a duty to ensure a general contractor pays its subcontractors.

25266 - State v. Carter

Criminal case discussing chain of custody.

25267 - Gilfillin v. Gilfillin

This case concerns whether the family court has the authority to require a payor spouse to estabish an alimony trust to secure the payment of periodic alimony beyond the payor spouse's death.

25268 - In the Matter of Michael O'Donnell Edens

Attorney disciplinary matter in which respondent admitted misconduct and consented to a public reprimand.

25269 - In the Matter of Maria Reichmanis

Attorney disciplinary matter in which respondent admitted misconduct and consented to a public reprimand.

25270 - In the Matter of Gregg F. Jones

Attorney disciplinary matter in which respondent admitted misconduct and consented to a public reprimand.

25271 - Pinckney v. Warren

This case concerns issues involving paternity and legitimacy. The primary issue in this matter is whether the Mitchell v. Hardwick, 297 S.C. 48, 374 S.E.2d 681 (1988)requirments mandate that a child's paternity be established by court order or signed instrument, even when no party disputes the child's paternity.

25272 - In the Matter of Darrell Lester Diggs

In this attorney discipline matter, an attorney was suspended from the practice of law for 90 days for supplying incorrect information on his CLE compliance report. Specifically, he claimed he attended a CLE seminar that he did not attend. He also claimed he attended a CLE seminar that was to be held in the future.

25273 - Yoho v. Thompson

This case interprets Rule 411, SCRE.