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Supreme Court Published Opinions - March 2010

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The summary following each opinion is prepared to offer lawyers and the public a general overview of what a particular opinion decides. The summary is not necessarily a full description of the issues discussed in an opinion.

3-1-2010 - Opinions

26778 - In the Matter of Dan M. David

In this opinion, the Court publicly reprimands Dan David.

26779 - Doe v. Roe

This is a termination of parental rights case.

26780 - Verenes v. Alvanos

In this case, the Court held Respondent's breach of fiduciary duty claims were equitable. Also, because there is no right to trial by jury for equitable actions, the circuit court did not err in denying Appellant a jury trial.

26781 - Youmans v. South Carolina Department of Transportation

We dismiss the writ as improvidently granted.

26782 - State v. Stahlnecker

On February 21, 2006 a Greenville County Grand Jury indicted Appellant on the charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct (CSC) with a minor and lewd act upon a child. Appellant went to trial and the jury returned guilty verdicts on both charges. Appellant was sentenced to twenty years on the CSC charge and fifteen years on the lewd act charge, the sentences to run concurrently. In this case, the Supreme Court affirmed the trial court.

26783 - In the Matter of Karl P. Jacobsen

This is an attorney disciplinary matter.

3-8-2010 - Opinions

26784 - Donald Austin v. Stokes-Craven Holding Corp.

This case involves a cross-appeal of a jury award of actual and punitive damages to the purchaser of a used automobile.

3-9-2010 - Orders

ORDER - In the Matter of E. W. Cromartie, II
3-15-2010 - Opinions

26785 - Spartanburg Regional Medical v. Oncology and Hematology Associates

This is a cross-appeal in a case where the ALC ordered that two Certificates of Need for radiation oncology centers be issued.

26787 - Sinkler v. City of Charleston

We granted a petition for a writ of certiorari to review the decision of the Court of Appeals in Sinkler v. County of Charleston, Op. No. 2008-UP-297 (S.C. Ct. App. filed June 5, 2008), in which the Court of Appeals reversed the circuit court's ruling that an ordinance rezoning property from an agricultural classification to a planned development district violated the Enabling Act and local zoning laws.

3-22-2010 - Opinions

26788 - Quail Hill v. County of Richland

This Court granted Richland County's petition for a writ of certiorari to review the decision of the Court of Appeals in Quail Hill, LLC v. County of Richland, 379 S.C. 314, 665 S.E.2d 194 (Ct. App. 2008). We affirm in part and reverse in part.

26789 - Sea Cove Development v. Harbourside Community Bank

Sea Cove Development appeals from an order finding its claims were barred by S.C. Code Ann. ยง 37-10-107 (2002), which prohibits certain legal and equitable actions arising out of the loan of money where there is no writing evidencing the parties' alleged agreement.

26790 - In the Matter of James L. Foti

In this opinion, the Court publicly reprimands James L. Foti.

3-22-2010 - Orders

ORDER - Amendments to the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules
3-23-2010 - Opinions

26791 - Segars-Andrews v. Judicial Merit Selection Commission

3-24-2010 - Opinions

26792 - Denman v. City of Columbia

3-29-2010 - Opinions

26793 - Price v. Turner

Appellant appeared before the family court on a rule to show cause for failure to pay child support. He was found in willful failure, held in contempt of court, and ordered imprisoned. Appellant appealed, asserting he had a right to appointed counsel before being imprisoned for civil contempt. This Court affirms the family court and holds Appellant was not entitled to appointed counsel.

26794 - The Bank of New York v. Sumter County

The Court affirmed an order granting the South Carolina Judicial Department summary judgment.

3-29-2010 - Orders

ORDER - Amendment to Rule 402, SCACR