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Supreme Court Published Opinions - May 2010

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

The summary following each opinion is prepared to offer lawyers and the public a general overview of what a particular opinion decides. The summary is not necessarily a full description of the issues discussed in an opinion.

5-3-2010 - Opinions

26812 - State v. Hicks

This opinion denied as to petitioner's Questions 2 and 3, granted the petition as to Question 1, and dispensed with further briefing. The Court vacated the Court of Appeals' opinion and affirmed the lower court's ruling.

26813 - Hoard v. Roper Hospital

In this medical malpractice case, the Court reverses the court of appeals decision and reinstates the trial court's order granting summary judgment.

26814 - Oncology and Hematology Associates v. SCDHEC

The Court granted certiorari to review the discovery orders of the Administrative Law Court. The discovery orders are vacated and remanded to the ALC.

26815 - In the Matter of Roger Paul Roy, Jr.

In this attorney disciplinary matter, Roger P. Roy, Jr. received a public reprimand for his mismanagement of his trust account and improper handling of his personal refinance loan closing.

5-11-2010 - Opinions

26816 - In the Matter of William Grayson Ervin

In this attorney disciplinary matter, the court issues a 6 month suspension, retroactive to the date of interim suspension.

5-17-2010 - Opinions

26817 - Robinson v. State

We affirm the PCR judge's order denying Petitioner's request for relief from his sentence for trafficking in crack cocaine, third offense.

26818 - In the Matter of Brian D. Coker

This is a disciplinary opinion in which the Court definitely suspended a lawyer.

26819 - In the Matter of Victoria L. Sprouse

This is a disciplinary opinion in which the Court disbarred a lawyer.

26820 - State v. Sims

The Court affirms the court of appeals decision to uphold Sims's murder conviction. The trial court's admission of hearsay pursuant to Rule 801(d)(2)(E) was found to be harmless error.

5-24-2010 - Opinions

26821 - Poynter Investments v. Century Builders

The Court reversed an order which had blue-penciled a territorial restriction in a non-compete agreement.

26822 - Blackburn v. TKT and Associates

In this case, the Court found that an appraiser's failure to make "normalizing adjustments" in valuating corporate shares failed to comply with the parties' agreed-upon method and contradicted a court order. The Court therefore reversed the decision of the Court of Appeals affirming the lower court's refusal to vacate the appraisal.

26823 - State v. Wilson

The State appeals a circuit court order disqualifying an assistant solicitor from prosecuting a murder defendant based on the appearance of a conflict of interest.

5-24-2010 - Orders

ORDER - In the Matter of William Grayson Ervin, Respondent.