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Supreme Court Published Opinions - February 2015

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

The summary following each opinion is prepared to offer lawyers and the public a general overview of what a particular opinion decides. The summary is not necessarily a full description of the issues discussed in an opinion.

2-4-2015 - Opinions

27491 - State v. Chavis

We hold that the trial court erred in qualifying two witnesses as child abuse assessment experts, but we find the error harmless beyond a reasonble doubt and affirm.

2-11-2015 - Opinions

27492 - In the Matter of Joel Thomas Broome

This is an opinion definitely suspending a lawyer from the practice of law.

27493 - In the Matter of Tammie Lynn Hoffman

This is an opinion disbarring a lawyer.

27494 - In the Matter of Edward Earl Gilbert

This is an opinion publicly reprimanding a lawyer.

27495 - In the Matter of John Brooks Reitzel

This is an opinion imposing discipline on a lawyer.

27496 - Curiel v. Hampton County EMS

The Court dismissed the writ of certiorari as improvidently granted.

27497 - State v. Baker

The Court granted certiorari to review the decision of the Court of Appeals in State v. Baker, 390 S.C. 56, 700 S.E.2d 440 (Ct. App. 2010), wherein the court affirmed Petitioner's convictions for four counts of committing a lewd act upon a minor. We reverse Petitioner's convictions as we hold the indictments, which alleged the offenses occurred at an unspecified time over a six-year period, were unconstitutionally overbroad.

2-25-2015 - Opinions

27498 - State v. Samuel

The Court vacates the court of appeals' decision reversing the trial court's suppression of a statement made in connection with a polygraph examination because the trial court's pre-trial order was not immediately appealable.

27499 - Independence National Bank v. Buncombe Professional Park

The Court reversed the decision of the Court of Appeals, finding that the petitioner Bank established its right to equitable subrogation.

27500 - In the Matter of Edwin Donald Givens

This is a disciplinary opinion in which the Court suspends a lawyer from the practice of law.

27501 - In the Matter of Toni Lee Tack Pennington

This is a disciplinary opinion in which the Court publicly reprimands a lawyer.

27503 - In the Matter of Mark Andrew Brunty

The Court disbarred respondent, imposed conditions on his readmission, and ordered him to pay restitution.