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Court of Appeals Published Opinions - Week of 06/17/2019
6-19-2019 - Opinions

5656 - Ashford v. Prysmian Power Cables
Prysmian Power Cables & Systems, USA and Sentry Insurance Company appeal an order issued by the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission Appellate Panel declining to address injuries asserted in a Form 50 filed by the claimant, James A. Ashford, because they were not properly before the Appellate Panel. We dismiss the appeal as interlocutory.
5657 - Pope v. Wilson
In this action seeking relief under the Freedom of Information Act, Appellant Adele J. Pope seeks review of the circuit court's order dismissing her complaint on the ground that the records she sought were potentially discoverable in a pending breach of fiduciary duty action. We reverse and remand.
5658 - State v. Kinard
The State appeals the dismissal of a driving under the influence (DUI) charge arguing the trial court misinterpreted sections 56-5-2953(A) and (B) of the South Carolina Code. We reverse the dismissal of the DUI charge against Tony Latrell Kinard and remand the case for trial.