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Re:  SCCA 261 Form - Request for Court Interpreter


Pursuant to the provisions of Article V, Section 4 of the South Carolina Constitution,

IT IS ORDERED that any party requesting a foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL) court interpreter for a party, witness, or victim for a legal proceeding before a court of the Unified Judicial System shall make such a request to the clerk’s office in writing via Form SCCA 261 - Request for Court Interpreter

By submitting the Form SCCA 261, “Request for Court Interpreter”, the requester confirms that he or she has read a copy of the Form SCCA 261A – “Court Interpreter Cancellation Policy”, incorporated therein, and agrees to abide by its terms.

These forms shall be available on the South Carolina Judicial Department website at under the “Court Forms” link.

The use of this form as notification of the need for an interpreter shall be waived for certain bond hearings, emergency hearings, or other hearings which are scheduled with less than forty-eight hours’ notice. In these situations, notifying the clerk’s office via telephone or email of the need for an interpreter shall be acceptable.


s/Donald W. Beatty                                   
Donald W. Beatty
Chief Justice of South Carolina


Columbia, South Carolina
May 18, 2023