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Subject: Judicial Branch Moves to Remote Operations

Effective Monday, April 6, 2020, the Supreme Court, John C. Calhoun and Edgar Brown Buildings, are closed to the public. However, while these facilities are closed, the courts of South Carolina remain open to the public. All courts and administrative departments have made arrangements to continue functioning remotely. Please refer to the following list of contact information.


  • To make an emergency filing with the Supreme Court of South Carolina, fax (803) 734-1499 or call (803) 734-1080.
  • To make an emergency filing with the South Carolina Court of Appeals, email, fax (803) 734-1839, or call (803) 734-1890. 
  • For information about Circuit Court, Master-in-Equity Court, Family Court, Probate Court, Magistrate Court, or Municipal Court filings, please refer to this site for information about individual court operations.

Phone Contacts
Incoming calls to the following phone numbers will be returned in a timely manner.

  • Supreme Court of South Carolina – (803) 734-1080
  • South Carolina Court of Appeals – (803) 734-1890
  • Court Administration – (803) 734-1800

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Telephone:  (803) 734-2038 (All Matters)
Fax:  (803) 734-1964 (All Matters)

Office of Commission Counsel
Telephone:  (803) 734-1965 (Judicial Matters)
(803) 734-2037 (Attorney Matters)
(803) 734-1186 (Receiver Matters)
Fax: (803) 734- 0363 (Commission Matters)
(803) 734-0227 (Receiver Matters)