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Filing and Release of Published and Unpublished Opinions

Published and unpublished opinions of the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the South Carolina Court of Appeals will now be filed and released to the parties, counsel and the public on the Judicial Department Website on Wednesdays. If no opinions are to be filed and released on that day, the Website will indicate that fact. In the event a Wednesday falls on a state holiday, the Clerk of the Supreme Court will establish an alternate day for the filing and release of opinions during that week. An opinion in an individual case may be filed and released at such other times as the issuing court may direct.

Counsel, parties and the public are encouraged to sign up for e-mail notification on the Judicial Department Website ( ) so that they will receive notification when opinions are released on the Website. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals will no longer provide telephonic notification to counsel or parties when opinions are filed.