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Re:  Finding Defendant Competent, Authorizing Trial Form SCCA/221(a)
Finding Defendant Presently Not Competent, But Likely to Restore Form SCCA/221(b)
Finding Defendant NGRI, Ordering Initial 120 Day Hospitalization Form SCCA/222(a)
NGRI Final Order of Commitment after 120 Day Hospitalization Form SCCA/222(b)


Pursuant to the provisions of S.C. Const. Art. V § 4,

IT IS ORDERED that Forms SCCA/221(a), SCCA/221(b), SCCA/222(a), and SCCA/222(b), each bearing a date of 03/2013, are approved for use in the Circuit Courts of South Carolina.  The four revised forms supersede all previous versions.

These form orders have been updated to include language regarding filing, services, and transmittal of the orders. At the bottom of each form order, lines have been added that identify counsel and their contact information to the form orders. Information regarding service to the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs has been deleted because service of these form orders goes to the SC Department of Mental Health only. These revisions were made to help speed the delivery of these orders to the SC Department of Mental Health and to also allow SCDMH staff and others involved to immediately identify counsel involved with each action.

These forms shall be available on the South Carolina Judicial Department website at under the ‘Forms’ link.

IT IS SO ORDERED.                                                                

s/Jean Hoefer Toal                                   
Jean Hoefer Toal, Chief Justice

Columbia, South Carolina
March 26, 2013