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Vendor selected for the South Carolina Judicial Department's e-Filing Project

The South Carolina Judicial Department has selected The Tybera Corporation of Oren, Utah to provide the e-filing solution for the South Carolina courts. The Tybera Corporation was selected through the state's competitive procurement process. The award is effective July 1st.

Tybera is a market leader in e-filing for judicial courts and government agencies Tybera has been serving courts for over 10 years and continues to bring superior e-filing technology to many courts of various jurisdictions across the country including being statewide in Delaware, Utah, North Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas and the Supreme Court of Nevada. Tybera has also provided their e-filing solution to various county courts including Washoe County, NV; Clay County, FL; Montgomery County, OH; Shelby County, TN; and Chester County, PA.

Tybera's solution will be able to tightly integrate with case and document management systems thereby eliminating manual data entry. Clerks can configure the software to automatically receive filings that don't require any review, or queue up filings that do require special review.