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Juror Information - Exemptions
  • Persons 65 years of age or older who wish to be excused.

  • The primary caretaker of a disabled person or a person age 65 or older who cannot care for himself.

  • Persons with legal custody and duty of care of a child under the age of seven and who cannot provide adequate childcare while serving as a juror.

  • A person who is a guard, keeper, employee, or other officer at a state penitentiary.

  • A person who has served on a circuit court jury during the previous two calendar years, or who has served on a grand jury during the previous four calendar years.

  • A student or a school employee and who wishes to be transferred to a later date that will not conflict with a school term.

***An affidavit (notarized statement) must be submitted attesting to the above statements.