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Juror Information - You As A Juror

You have been selected by law to act as an officer of this court by serving as a juror. Because this may be the first time that you have ever been called for jury service, this information has been provided to you, and you are urged to read it very carefully. This information is not intended to take the place of the instructions given by the judge in any case. In the event of a conflict, the judge's instructions will prevail.

As citizens of South Carolina, and of the United States, each of us has an obligation to make a contribution to the American system of justice. You are now being called upon to participate in one of the cornerstones of the judicial process--trial by jury. The mandate of justice for all can only be achieved through the combined efforts of judges, lawyers and citizens serving as jurors. Your role as juror, as the "judge" of the facts, will require you to carry out your duties attentively, intelligently and fairly. Remember, your vote as a juror is usually final.

Upon reaching the courthouse, jurors should report to the courtroom or juror room as instructed. In accordance with an August 25, 2000 order from Chief Justice Toal, all cell phones, pagers, and other communication devices, such as palm pilots, should be turned off, or placed in a silent mode prior to being carried into any courtroom. Every reasonable effort will be made by the court to make your service as a juror comfortable and without inconvenience. Cases set for trial may be postponed or settled just as they are scheduled to begin, which causes delays. Please help the court operate more smoothly by being patient and cooperative and by being on time as instructed. It may happen that during your service as a juror you may never be called upon to actually sit in on the trial of a case. However, your very presence and availability as a juror is a contribution of great importance.