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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - April 2012

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

4-4-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-217 - Forest Beach Owner's Association v. Austin

2012-UP-218 - State v. Eaglin

2012-UP-219 - Hill v. Deertrack Golf

2012-UP-220 - SCDHEC v. Southern Environmental Services

2012-UP-221 - Rossi v. Intercoastal Village Resort Homeowners Association

4-11-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-222 - State v. Gregory

2012-UP-223 - Whigham v. Jackson Dawson Communications

4-18-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-225 - Leroy B. v. Fatiema B.

2012-UP-226 - State v. Norris

2012-UP-227 - Singh v. City of Greenville

2012-UP-228 - State v. Murray

2012-UP-229 - State v. Santiago

2012-UP-230 - Charleston Scottish Rite v. Centimark Corporation

2012-UP-231 - Ex Parte: Ralph DeMarco v. Kershaw County

2012-UP-232 - State v. Murray

2012-UP-233 - State v. Cauthen

2012-UP-234 - Anonymous No. 1 & 2 v. SCDLLR

2012-UP-235 - Green v. West Oil

2012-UP-236 - State v. Campbell

4-25-2012 - Opinions

2012-UP-237 - Molnar v. Warren

2012-UP-238 - Kennedy v. Johnson

2012-UP-239 - John R. v. Outi K.

2012-UP-240 - Longcreek Plantation v. Henderson

2012-UP-241 - State v. Acevedo

2012-UP-242 - State v. Green

2012-UP-243 - State v. Carson

2012-UP-244 - State v. Johnson

2012-UP-245 - State v. Williams

2012-UP-246 - State v. Golson

2012-UP-247 - Richardson v. P.V., Inc.

2012-UP-248 - State v. Kelly

2012-UP-250 - State v. Atwood

2012-UP-251 - State v. Sanchez

2012-UP-252 - State v. Butler

2012-UP-253 - State v. Holt

2012-UP-691 - State v. Miller