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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - August 2023

Note: Beginning in June 2012, opinions will be posted as Adobe PDFs. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here.

8-2-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-276 - Katrina Stroman v. Samuel Jeffords

2023-UP-277 - Craig Chappell v. Ladle Soups

2023-UP-278 - John Kennedy v. City of Myrtle Beach PD

2023-UP-279 - State v. Aaron C. Clouse

2023-UP-280 - Kim Likins v. C.C. "Skip" Hoagland

2023-UP-281 - Armando Acevedo v. Hunt Valley Holdings, LLC

2023-UP-282 - Estate of Susan B. Byerly v. Thomas Wesley

2023-UP-283 - Brigette Hemming v. Jeffrey Hemming

2023-UP-284 - City of Folly Beach v. State of SC

2023-UP-285 - U.S. Foods, Inc. v. Carlees Restaurant, LLC

8-9-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-287 - Jimmy Shaver v. Donnie Shaver

2023-UP-288 - Eighteen Ink, LLC v. SCDOR

2023-UP-289 - R-Anell Housing Group, LLC v. Homemax, LLC

2023-UP-290 - Family Services Inc. v. Bridget D. Inman

2023-UP-291 - Doretta Butler-Long v. ITW

2023-UP-292 - Corrales v. Aguilera

8-14-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-294 - SCDSS v. Elijah White

8-16-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-243 - David J. Benjamin v. State

2023-UP-293 - NCP Pilgrim, LLC v. Lou Cercopely

2023-UP-295 - Mitchel L. Hinson v. State

8-18-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-296 - SCDSS v. Green

2023-UP-297 - Walters v. Mitchell

8-21-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-298 - SCDSS v. Sheffield

8-23-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-147 - Nichols v. Hartigan

2023-UP-299 - Betty Nanney v. THI of SC

2023-UP-300 - SCDSS v. Kristie Taylor and George Cleveland, III (2)

8-30-2023 - Opinions

2023-UP-301 - Olivia M. Thompson v. College of Charleston

2023-UP-302 - The State v. Anterius B. Smith

2023-UP-303 - Edward Hills v. Dean, USC

2023-UP-304 - Hannah Guenther v. Roman Guenther