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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - November 2008

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11-3-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-602 - State v. Montgomery

2008-UP-603 - South Carolina Department of Social Services v. Jules S.

11-6-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-604 - State v. Davis

2008-UP-605 - Brinton v. Halsey

2008-UP-606 - Charleston County Department of Social Services v. Serena B. and Gerald B.

2008-UP-607 - DeWitt v. Charleston Gas Light, Inc.

2008-UP-608 - Burwell v. Ponderosa, Inc.

2008-UP-609 - State v. Thompson

2008-UP-610 - State v. Sofia

11-10-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-611 - State v. Doll

2008-UP-612 - City of Rock Hill v. Garga-Richardson

2008-UP-613 - State v. Bradley

2008-UP-614 - State v. Bethel

2008-UP-615 - State v. Ware

2008-UP-616 - State v. Artis

2008-UP-617 - State v. Williams

2008-UP-618 - State v. Grindle

2008-UP-619 - Kunst v. Covington

11-12-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-620 - State v. Richards

2008-UP-621 - Scott v. Windham

2008-UP-622 - State v. Tucker

2008-UP-623 - State v. Moore

2008-UP-624 - State v. Hudgensbey

2008-UP-625 - State v. Locke

2008-UP-626 - State v. Earley

2008-UP-627 - State v. Bellman

2008-UP-628 - Beach v. Gresham Communications

2008-UP-629 - State v. Walker

2008-UP-630 - Hampton v. Hunt Assisted Living

2008-UP-631 - Tippett v. South Carolina Department of Corrections

2008-UP-632 - State v. Clarke

2008-UP-633 - State v. Jenkins

2008-UP-634 - State v. Frady

11-13-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-635 - State v. Hughey

2008-UP-636 - State v. Jones

2008-UP-637 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Ricky H. Pitts

2008-UP-638 - In the Matter of the Care and Treatment of Jerry F. Powell

11-17-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-639 - Overnite Transportation v. SC Second Injury Fund

2008-UP-640 - Metts v. Charleston County Assessor

2008-UP-641 - State v. Wilson

2008-UP-642 - SCDSS v. Willie B.

2008-UP-643 - Howard v. Marvin Pittman Erectors

11-19-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-644 - Charleston County DSS v. Lavinya W. and Franklin G.

11-21-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-645 - Lewis v. Lewis

11-24-2008 - Opinions

2008-UP-646 - Robinson v. Estate of Harris (Hutton)

2008-UP-647 - Robinson v. Estate of Harris (Dinovo)

2008-UP-648 - Robinson v. Estate of Harris (Converse Company)

2008-UP-649 - Robinson v. Estate of Harris (Shogry-Savage)